Monday, February 23, 2009

Miele's Maiden Voyage!

Since writing you last I have had my new oven installed!  Finally...

I saved up some money late last year and bought (on sale!) a Miele oven, Fisher and Paykel ceramic cook top, cute little range hood, and Ikea cupboards and bench top to put them in!
It was a much needed expense, as I did not even have an oven for many years in my little 1940's kitchen, complete with the original fire fuelled stove top which you can see in the background of my recent upgrade.

The aim for me, is to complement my vintage home with tasteful modern touches which do not detract from the quaint beauty of it's personality.  I am so excited to have made a tasteful renovation to The Green House which has always been it's name.  I shall post again when all the finishes have been completed.

Almost as soon as the electrician left I fried myself an egg on my new hot plates!

And today I baked myself a cake in Miele - my new, and delicious friend!  This is how the story unfolded...

Shell xx

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