Sunday, March 1, 2009


How I love March!

The beginning of Autumn, (incidentally my favourite season)!

Leaves falling off trees, warm colours,
Rich browns, oranges, yellows...

Cooler weather, more opportunities to wear cardigans (my other favourite thing)!

Shorter days (sadly), but brighter early mornings,

My Birthday arrives in the middle, a chance to reflect on the years accumulated, and to eat cake with loved ones!

It's true, I proclaim my love for every new month and season, for each one's different delights.  I won't hear of drawbacks, every day is wonderful.

And the colours of each season only serve to enhance the framework, the backdrop, of our lives, which are as good as we make them...

Happy are we who are blessed and free!  And may we not complain.

Instead do something for someone else today.  Mend something, even if you didn't break it...

Autumn is here, and new, with hardly a tooth mark on it!

Lets embrace it!

What are your plans?

Shell xx


  1. To make sure my brother knows how much i love him on his 24th birthday even though he is distant silly man who wont show his emotional's. And to do alot of scrapbooking of family events!


  2. I love autumn too - my favourite season for sure... the crisp mornings, unleaving trees, my birthday as well! I love your photo of the leaves; and how golden they look with the light shining through.


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