Thursday, March 26, 2009


I don't watch much TV, and even less movies; but when a friend recommended I watch this Indie, Irish, musical film simply called Once, how could I refuse!  It's not a kids film so don't plan a family movie night -  it is just one of those grown up, quiet, poetic story telling masterpieces, and evidently, I loved it.

If you're not into music don't bother, but if you've ever wanted a glimpse into how it feels to be a musician with songs you've written to show the world, then don't delay.

Once has captured me.  I am loving the original songs from the soundtrack, and I know I will always love this film.  It is not what you expect, but it gives you more than you could have imagined.  My kind of modern film.

Shell xx


  1. Oh, I loved this film and its songs too! You have wonderful taste, young lady.

  2. I have wanted to see this for some time! Now I really must.

  3. ...and I only just reaslised that this was the film which won the Oscar for best original song a couple of years ago! And the music came in and cut off Marketa Irglova's acceptance speech, which they then allowed her to come back on and give! I love stories like this!

    And Glen Hansard said as he accepted his Oscar - "Make art, make art!" I love that, I am inspired to make, make art!

  4. I remember that.


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