Saturday, March 21, 2009

The things that can be found in an old farm shed!

Have a look at these!

Woman's Day and New Idea magazines from the early 1960's!  They would have belonged to my dear Grandmother - In - Law, Thelma.  Who is the original lady of The Green House, which is now my home.

Oh turning the same pages that she would have nearly Fifty years ago is thrilling!  Finding these in a thrift or antique shop would have been one thing, but being able to look at the magazines Thelma bought and read is so precious!

They are only on loan to me for a brief historical viewing (and photographing), they belong to my Father - In -Law, as they were his own Mothers' and they will be forever cherished by my Brothers and Sisters - In - Law, whose very own dear Grandmothers' magazines they are thrilled to be reunited with.

I just had to show you some of the contents.  Check out these eye makeup tips!

And I love this romantic toothpaste advertisement...

How to do your hair professionally!

I can't get enough of the ads!  Look Coco Pops!

From a time when Doctors used to prescribe smoking...

September 18, 1961 & July 30, 1962.

While I am grateful to have been born in this time, I would still love a swishy skirt, a frilly apron, a beehive hairstyle, and some of that romantic toothpaste!  

We are living in an era where we pick and choose our fashion from previous generations.  Or perhaps it is always like that to an extent...  I'm just not sure what my grand children will think of the fashions and culture from my time, I cannot imagine how it will be portrayed?  I think people need to enjoy clothes more, dress up and not be afraid to stand out!  So that we might be remembered as the generation who celebrated the best of all fashion eras!

Shell xx


  1. That's so great!! I would love to find something like that what a great find!!


  2. What a fabulous find! What treasures! Here here on swishy skirts, aprons and beehive hair!


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