Friday, March 20, 2009

Timeless art

I've had the most fabulous week!  You know when your senses are particularly heightened?  When your eyes see art in everything?

When silence is a song.  When you remember to pray/talk to your Lord (and hear Him answer) all day long...

I'm sort of floating particularly today, inspired on a cloud after coming home from the Degas exhibition.

I took my very enthusiastic children along with me and we had a wonderful time.  It has also renewed their love for, and interest in learning French, which I just think is cool! 

I have had that artistic boost needed to finish several songs which were patiently waiting for me at the piano.  And generally, I am inspired with the confidence to enter into photography and oil painting more seriously...  And by seriously, I mean, to just do it because it's fun, and enjoy it!  Which is what art is for.  I hope you will stay with me to see what these new endeavors yield!  

I believe art, like love is an endlessly renewable resource! 

It was an amazing feeling in the gallery today.  All of us people shuffling from picture to picture to see, and drink up the feelings portrayed by such an amazing artist.  

This is what excites me, this art is timeless!  (And without one strict medium).  That's why I don't ever try to write about what is cool.  Just what is heartfelt, and real, and encompassed in passion.  Here's hoping, for timeless art.

Shell xx

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