Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April first...

It's a wonderful day!  The first of April marks many things in my family.  It is our dear little sister Anna's birthday, and this year she is sweet sixteen.  It is my job to make sixteen cupcakes for tonight's dessert.

And I promised to tell what else Jamie brought back from China for us all, and here is one of the two items...

Anna is a gifted photographer, unlike me (hence the finger print on the corner of this shot)!  So Jamie brought her back one of these beautiful Nikon COOLPIX P90s, and I commandeered one for myself, but as you can see I have much to learn!  

After a whole lot of research I did on digital cameras, I found this little Nikon to be a fabulous gadget for those wanting something in between a point and shoot, and a serious SLR.  I am delighted with it, and had to wait until Anna's birthday today to tell you incase I spoilt the surprise.  She too is delighted and we are going to have a lot of fun with these babies!

And here April is, today.  2009.  I can hardly believe we're already here...  

I must also wish a Happy Earthly Birthday to the author of one of my favourite blogs, Miss Emily.  I am smiling at you today, glad to know, and be inspired by you.

Wishing all a plentiful, beautiful, April.

Shell xx


  1. Happy BIRTHDAY Anna! What a brilliant gift from Jamie; I can only sing praises for Nikon too. I'm sorry I never replied to your email about cameras... I was meaning to find out what great little camera Clany had but somehow got sidetracked (its also a Nikon) - my experience with them is that they take incredibly sharp photos (SLR or no). I hope you have a lovely celebration... and thank you so much for the birthday wishes; it means a great deal to know you too. Blessings!

  2. No matter about the email, the quality of the reviews I read & other research I did spoke volumes for Nikon's quality and usability. I'm thrilled with it! Thank you for the warm comment my dear.



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