Friday, April 17, 2009

A lesson in time...

It had been 24 years since last I saw Belinda at Para Hills Primary School, until today.

Being a reader of this here little blog I insisted that she join Emma and I in one of our 'feet' photographs!

There was much to catch up on, and we laughed all afternoon while our daughters played together as once we did.  

It is strange, but wonderful to witness the passage of time, by looking at the face of  somebody you knew so well as a child.

To really understand that the spirit is just the same, only the body changes with years.

So let it remind us to take care of the spirit, not just the body; the character of our hearts, not just the outer presentation of our flesh, which is left behind here on the Earth...

I wanted to tell you this story through the pictures of our daughters today, since my realisation that there is little difference between us all in the physical sense; it is only the shape of our hearts, and spirits which glow unique.

A happy day indeed.  A lesson in time.

Shell xx


  1. yes i must admit it did feel a littel time warpish just watching our 2 duaghter playing and having so much fun together they just clicked straight away like we did when we met back when we were five. i loved every minute of itxoxoxxo your old school friend

  2. Hi Shell, I still keep in touch with my old school friend since i can remember we where only 3 or 4 when we first met, started school together and finsed together. She has a very big part of my heart and Soul. And forever we will be friends.

    Sarah xxx

  3. What a special moment; thank you for sharing it..


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