Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ten O'clock Toast...

Of a Sunday morning,
Sitting still and reflecting on the week that has been,
Considering plans for the week to come-
Feeling very much 'in between' one time, and another;
Taking it all in, over tea and toast.

Shell xx


  1. I find myself in this moment all the time! And over tea is the best way to do it... I love seeing your empty cup and plate and what looks like the last little slither of jam on your knife.

  2. Why thank you my charming friend!

  3. It is a beautiful composition, and a sweet and perfect post for a Sunday morning (Joyful Servant)

  4. Hi Shell, Im not sure where to leave this comment but I absolutely love your voice and music. I will be coming back to listen to more on ReverbNation, Joyful.

  5. Thank you Joyful (love that name by the way)! I am so delighted to have a new reader, and listener it would seem! This gives me such encouragement, inspiration to share more of my heart through pictures, songs and words. Bless you.


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