Monday, April 20, 2009

All in an afternoon...

I away to Singapore tomorrow, to see my friend...

  • I packed my bags, (made sure I only had 100ml or less of anything liquid)!
  • I felt sufficiently guilty for being about to leave my 4 children for 4 whole days!
  • I talked to my new friend and traveling companion, Clare, (whom you shall soon hear more about)...
  • I thought about the heat, the humidity, the solitude, the flight, my passport, my life and my hold on God's dear Earth...
  • And what pair of shoes to take!
All in one afternoon...

Shell xx


  1. Ah, a lot of worthy thoughts to have in one afternoon! Your trip is so exciting; I cannot wait to hear all about it and see your photos...

  2. Ya, it will be great to see your photos and hear your stories! Safe journies.

  3. Windhover, I am excited too! Cannot wait to blog it all for you!

    Joyful, welcome back to this blog! and thank you for the kind words. I am so happy to have made your acquaintance here.

    : )


  4. Have a fun and safe trip.


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