Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crossing the equator...

Gazing out the window of a Mercedes Benz which had been sent to collect us from Changi Airport, I had my camera ready, my wits about me, and an adventure to have! 

I love traveling, but I had never before been the one in charge of finding the Row to check in, and go to the right Gate in order to get on the right plane!  If I could pull this off, the elation would be sure to enhance the experience..!

Clare and I had met once before, and now we were traveling buddies.  It had been a long flight, we had giggled, talked and begun to know each other all afternoon and into the night.  Now here we were, like old friends.  We were a champion team!

Sights of the city were different from anything we'd seen.  The trees were first to strike me with their abundance and perfection, each one the same, lining the streets and leading us into town.  Workmen in the back of utes on way to work, and wonderfully eggy-Asian signage!

Clothing shops with funky gear, and focussed messages!

And plazas upon plazas on Orchard Road made us feel like we really had crossed the equator into another world.  How wonderfully we loved it!

Lunch.  I won't lie, I was nervous about food poisoning.  I had never been to Asia before, but  I can only apologise now that I was ever concerned.  For this was my first meal in Singapore and it was delicious!  You could say Clare and I went forth from here, and ate our way around Singapore!  

To be continued...

Shell xx


  1. What lovely flowers...i especially like the feet flowers you took oxox xBel

  2. Yes it was wonderful Joyful, thank you for stopping by, you comments warm my heart...

    And Bel, thank you darling, I must say I thought of you when I took the shot of my feet!! *giggle*


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