Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food, Fruit and Flowers...

Singapore Continued...

The food halls on Orchard were amazing.  A choice of anything and everything.   Stall holders eager for your custom, tempting you with smiles, waves and taste tests of their marvellous cuisines.  The smell of the place was so different, I really felt like I was far from home in a wonderful way...  Having said that, I knew I had once seen a food court like this in Sydney, and suddenly I could really understand where it had come from.  I finally had a geographical context, which I think is what traveling is all about.  My mind was generally, and most happily boggling!

I bought a couple of spring rolls (which were so delicious) and then asked if I could photograph the lady's shopfront, she scoffed at me embarrassingly, before accepting.  I think she had money to make and couldn't imagine why I found this beautiful.

How could I not?

On Thursday we went to the Botanical Gardens, where I found a place for my feet (and my dress) to camouflage with the surroundings...

I confess I took more than a hundred photos in the 90 minutes or so that we were there!  These are a select few.  I was in heaven among such beautiful flora and fauna, where colour is king, where God really got painting!  Not only the hot pinks and yellows which are easy to see, but with the subtle touches of colour underneath the leaves of plants you may pass by unknowingly.

Still to be Continued...

Shell xx


  1. I so enjoyed the beautiful colours in your photos. The exotic foods like dragon fruit which I only sampled recently and all the lovely flowers :-) Happy travels.

  2. Those flowers! that food!And moss and feet! It all looks so glorious Mechelle; its no wonder you took so many photos. I wait to see more :)

  3. Next time my friend, we shall go together!


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