Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have been...

...(late in posting recent adventures & come to you baring humble apologies)

I have been, this weekend, in the company of dear people.  I have had breakfast with a Windhover, my darling Emma, and of course, my friend...

Like another blog I follow - I too have been walking amongst 'fruit salad' Autumn leaves;

I have been swanning around a precious, inspiring gallery;

I have been fortunate enough to see some work I recognise!  Which looked amazing, enticing, and so well 'collected' for one so young...

I have been, on a little tour of Newtown, (including Gould's book shop)...

Where I have seen some beautiful things...

I have been to the University of Sydney - an amazing, vast, beautiful, and somehow spiritual place...

And I have spotted pixies playing in the gardens!

I have been with a friend...  And our shadows have played on the green green grass...

On the way home, I knew I had been finding art and beauty everywhere in Sydney...

And I have been writing it down, to share with you.

Shell xx


  1. Your photos are beautiful as ever. I love seeing those ceramic cups - especially the "pour the milk and I'll say when"! And all those books in Gould's... It was so much fun spending Saturday morning with you. Thank you for the sweet memories.

  2. Absolutely lovely blog! I love the photo of the Fall colours, one of my fav times of year. I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to begin my own blog (am also inspired by Musings of a Melancholic which I believe I came across thru your blog here). Of course, I will continue to be webmaster for www.jonahsmissions.blogspot.com, my fav charity. I invite you to stop by my personal blog. I just uploaded the blog postgs and photos yesterday but some of these posts, I've had in other places on the net. Once I get my camera settings right, the photos should be better quality, he he.

  3. Windhover, it was such a nice morning. Thank you for such a nice tour of your patch... Your artwork, especially pictures of the city now make even more music to my eyes having been where you gather your inspiration. It amazes & delights me, that (our very different) arts brought us together as friends, and that we continually inspire each other!

  4. ...and Joyful,

    how grateful I am to have met you on MyChruch! And now to follow your 'Snap That' blog, is just great! I will definitely make you a link, and I am so glad to have helped inspire your creative self, as Windhover did me... Praise the Lord for friends & bloggers alike!

  5. Shell, that book shop looks wonderful!! You must tell me where it is.
    Love leanie
    ps. I am not anonymous - I just forget my log on etc! :))


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