Thursday, May 7, 2009

Journeying home...

My last sights of Singapore were on the way to the airport, I had to capture these "blurry" trees taken from moving taxi.

(I think I must adapt this into an oil painting one day...)

The skies outside the window of our plane were breathtaking, and had me scribbling inspired, poetic phrases into my notebook on the way home...

The flight was long, at times giggly; mostly reflective.  I took many an opportunity to thank the Lord for this special little trip, where I got to learn how to find my way around an international airport, got to dine out every night and pay someone else to do the dishes!  Had a brief and special time with my husband in a foreign place, and made a very special friend in my traveling companion, Miss Clare.

Above all, a journey away from home makes your heart swell with happiness to see it again.  I was excited to give everybody their carefully picked out presents, and the first to be handed out were these souvenir Singapore caps for the brothers/cousins Tully!

And so safely, contently back home am I.  Going about my daily poetic/domestic, maternal and caffeine related activities...  

Feeling a little bit wiser, and thankful for this place to share my adventure with you : )

Mindful, that if life is to be learned from and enjoyed, then I have excelled at both!  

Hopeful, that one adventure only sparks the appetite for more - and not just adventures that commence overseas, but also the ones that take place in daily life!

And a four day trip to Singapore inspires all this?  

Well yes; because I remained determined to enjoy every minute, and feel every second; so as to savour every memory.

Shell xx


  1. I love your writing. You create beautiful images for me with your prose and your photos. The little boys looks so cute with their caps =]

  2. Nice work...Singapore sounds fun. I'm off to Thailand for my next teaching prac. in a few weeks. You're so prolific in your blogging I can't keep up.

  3. Thanks Phil,
    Jamie and I were reminiscing this morning about our one time sound guy, drummer and friend Mr Daniel!

    Thanks for the comment.


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