Monday, May 4, 2009

A temple, a tea pot!

Friday was our last full day in Singapore and there was still much to see.  I was still desperate to go to Chinatown, have some more Old Chang Kee on Orchard Road, and take photos of everything I saw!  We came across this beautiful Thai Buddhist temple which was open to visitors, provided we covered our shoulders, and purchased a candle and an orchid to donate as an offering...

Though I am a Christian, I respect all peaceful religions.  And as a spiritual person, I could feel the peace, love and conviction in this amazing place...  

We ventured upstairs to the museum, gift shop and tea rooms for a gander at the books, and a hope of trying some traditional teas...

I found a scarf which mirrored the pattern on the inside roof of the temple!

And we did find tea!

...and teapots!

In fact, I am now converted to white and green teas!  We sat and relaxed in this beautiful tea room and knew how lucky we were, and how special this was.

Shell xx


  1. Beautiful photos of the temple. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Singapore. Pastor Jonah (the pastor who I help in Kenya) lived in Singapore for 6 months while studying. God bless!

  2. I could live there a while too! Just loved it. I am enjoying Pastor Jonah's blog very much - so touching. Bless you!


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