Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A friend in me...

It has been a week indeed.

My friend has had the week off since returning from China, and we have taken the chance to do some of the many things we often don't have the chance, to chance upon...

One of which was visiting the National Portrait Gallery for a first, and long overdue explore. Wandering around the Vanity Fair exhibition was delightful and inspiring. And it became apparent to me how emotive it is to look at so many representations of different people, members of our species, from many, and any points in time. It was undeniably confronting, and I also found exciting, fulfilling to look the person - the portrait - in the eye and give them a knowing smile.

We have carted out a new piece of furniture - which had typically met with an untimely demise, and carted in an old one, which is much more delightful {and thrifted from the shearing shed!} to begin a new life...

We have mostly just been at home. Meaning to do more than actually got done. Going to bed too late, and laughing with our children at the table...

But the true untimely demise this week, is that of Michael Jackson.

I still do not believe it. And I hope somehow it's not true.

One of the most gifted artists of our time; a spirit nearly too beautiful and artistic for this world, perhaps can now be free from confusion, and the world's lustful pursuit of his image and his fame. Now perhaps can just be that artistic soul forever, here in the fallen world, and there, in God's perfect Heaven.

I feel slightly relieved. As though his gift, and his life long innocence, can now be an eternal portrait for modern musical history, and humanity.

"You've got a friend in me..."
I give you Ben.
Songsmith xx


  1. Sounds like you had a nice week. That was a beautiful tribute to a true icon, Michael Jackson. I pray for his loved ones and especially his children.

  2. Dear Shell,thanks for what you have written and shared so beautifully about Michael Jackson. He is finally enjoying the peace and unconditional love he craved, away from the eyes of the world and the destructive controversies that followed him like his own living nightmare, as they follow all of us who choose to be different in this world of conformity and compromise. He was a man of principle and a brilliant creative soul. Thanks for a lifetime of memories Michael, we know the truth and you have been set free. God bless you.


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