Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inside my soul, and other tales...

I have been sporadic with my blogging of late. But I must tell you, there has been much going on at my piano and recording studio to show for it! Perhaps excuse me of it?

I have been commissioned to write a song for a retired couple who approached me because they are long term fans of my work, and wanted me to write their funeral song - for whichever of them should pass away first.

What I love about it is that it's not a song of sorrow! It's one of celebration, of love, and life long commitment. The lady of the couple had written a series of three poems which she asked me to write the music for, make into a song which they could then use to express their love for each other, and to share with their friends, family and children, for, and in years to come...

It is all finished now, I have handed over the finished product, been received with rave reviews, cups of coffee, hugs, laughs, tears, and I think, life long gratitude. And perhaps beyond!

A short while afterwards I was told by a friendly passer by that they knew I was 'that singer' and they had downloaded some of my songs from iTunes, and particularly loved the song Anything. I was truly chuffed and encouraged! So thank you dear stranger!

My album, available on iTunes

I feel so terribly blessed to be someone who can translate feelings which are heard through the ears, and seem so often to penetrate straight into the soul.

I seem to spend much of my own thought life {and even physical life} inside my own soul. I have not much developed the skill of disassociation from the spiritual, I like it there!

I am always half in that daydream. Which I believe, is what keeps me wholly happy...

Photo by the Windhover

Songsmith xx


  1. Of course you are forgiven for not blogging as often. You are a busy and a talented girl and you have family to care for as well as "stuff" to create! I so love the story of your recent commission. I think it is an absolute act of love what this couple is doing. How wonderful they asked you to share in that act. Blessings <3

  2. Oh my goodness, that is an amazing story! What a wonderful idea! And how amazing to be involved with such a project. Also I love that you were recognised on the street, how cool is that! And I'm not surprised that they are fans, you're fabulous :)

  3. You rock, my dear sister Shell!
    Love Leanie

  4. Gosh, I'm chuffed to read your words, dear friends! Thank you.


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