Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting green...


How I needed that feeling.
Of heart pounding, back hurting, hoe swinging...
Breaking up the ground, flinging out the weeds.  My cheeks cold to the touch, but inside, I am warm with satisfaction.

And upon coming inside at the end of the day I find the house is cosier, the tea is hotter, tastes all the better, children are quieter, piano more inviting...  
- and I am strangely craving, for the chance to get out there tomorrow, and do some more?

Songsmith xx


  1. Wow, Shell, you are amazing. You just said yesterday that you were inspired to garden and today you are already gardening. I'm amazed by your energy especially with children and being so creative. I don't know where you find the time. Also, I didn't know you could garden in winter season there in the land down under. Here we don't garden in interesting =]

  2. Nicely said. I love gardening also; it is great therapy for me.


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