Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In My Living Room...

Up late.
Finished watching Carole King's In My Living Room concert.
Put the {go on have one more} kettle on,
Settle in to write some poetry -
turns of phrase, deeper than {everyday} thoughts,
already were swirling around my head,
But now such clarity-
In the {all four children asleep}
section of my day {night}
I come wholly alive.
As a creative spirit.

Handmade songs spun here.

Songsmith xx


  1. Wonderfully expressed. I love it. You've captured just how I feel late when all is quiet and I fantasize about being creative =]

  2. Hey Shell, thank you for leaving comments at my last two blogs posts! You are a dear. I don't know why but the comments have my name as the poster. Weird, eh? I was using some other comment service but have now re-set it to blogger comments feature so it should all be fine now. Sorry if you had any problems in posting. xoxox

  3. What a precious moment to savour, I love seeing your wooly toes too... You are so inspiring my friend - in so many ways.


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