Monday, June 8, 2009

It has been...

...a wonderful Queen's Birthday long weekend.  It has been a special, restful few days of family, slow food, hot tea, long breakfasts...

Looking out of the window; and for the first time in a long time - it has been raining, with small bursts of sun - rather than the reverse.

It has been fireworks on a freezing night, outside with the children, celebrating for the Queen with sparklers and laughter.

For me it has also been an inspiring weekend.  I have written one song, and recorded two others.  Always I feel so purposeful when I have been keeping up with my music - not just my washing pile and stack of dishes...  And I find one creative act, always leads to another...  Whether it's a memory, a snippet of a thought, a click of my camera, I am all of a sudden rushing to a piano, or scribbling words in my little brown Moleskin book.  To me, this is me on form, doing what I do.  I have come to a place where I am content to just make my music and not expect worldly acceptance, acknowledgment or even money.  I thirst only for clarity of heart, spirit and mind.  And it clears my head, to create.  

To me this is success, doing the art that I do, feeling purposeful in it, and sharing it with my beloveds.  

Shell xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! And, I share your definition of success <3

  2. hi there Shell! thankyou for your thoughts...about clarity of mind and spirit - so true! Thankyou also for all your lovely comments while we have been travelling - its so great being able to share a little of our adventures! I hope your have a bright and sunny day - :) Martine
    ps. I love your blog!! :) inspiring and encouraging!

  3. Joyful, thank you - I must say, your comments always encourage me!

    and Martine, the happiest little Sparrow you are indeed to have travelled so wide and far... I have so enjoyed your posts, thank you for taking the time to share your trip and your lovely life!

  4. I am so impressed and not a little envious of your feelings of content and success which are so well deserved! I know everything you say is true and I often tell myself the same things but I'm not quite there yet :)


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