Friday, June 5, 2009

Was Soup...

Was good.

Shell xx


  1. Forgive me dear friends for not making this a 'wordy' post. I just thought the ingredients would speak for their beautiful selves!

  2. I was going to ask for the recipe too! Am not a great cook but the photos and ingredients do look beautiful =] I suspect one needs a hand blender and some yogurt or cream to make it smooth.

  3. Listening to "Beautiful blur". Luv it <3!

  4. yum! this looks so good. its pretty cold and dreary today, soup sounds perfect right now.

  5. Parsnip, Potato, Rosemary & Onion Soup -

    (First make your stock from left over roast chicken from the night before, or you can buy chicken carcasses cheaply from poultry retailers).

    Boil your chicken in two liters of salted water for about half an hour, along with an onion (roughly chopped) and two carrots (no need to peel them).

    Discard the chicken carcass, and the carrots, drain your freshly boiled Chicken Stock, but keep the onions if you can - they add flavour! Put to one side...

    Now chop your Veg into roughly the same sized, smallish pieces. I added, 2 Celery stems, 3 onions, 3 parsnips, 5 potatoes, and about 1 tbsp of dried Rosemary, half a tsp of ground Cumin & a little bit of dried chilli if you like that sort of thing! Throw it all in a bit pot, add your stock, and simmer until falling apart.

    Blend and season (it will need more salt and pepper than you think, but it will warm your heart & soul!

  6. Shell, you are doll! You've kindly left us the recipe here. That is so sweet of you. Thank you <3


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