Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spending Sunday morning...

Today it was decided that a breakfast outing, followed by a market visit in our cold, but beautiful city would be just the ticket to relax, and spend a Sunday morning wisely.

I just needed a break from breakfast dishes, and domesticity in general for a few hours, so we went for breakfast at Ricardo's in Macquarie {who didn't seem to have their own website I could link to}, after which we ventured into the Kingston Markets to find some fresh produce, perhaps local art, and on the way in, we found this very small door..!

And these sizable windows...

We did eventually find an opening big enough for us all to get in! And emerged some time later with these treasures...

Including a paisley wrap dress for moi! Made by a local seamstress specialising in stretch fabrics {which I find perfect for "wrapping" around my curves} as well as being a beautiful line {as I am obsessed with dresses at the moment} and they're extremely comfortable!

Morning tea was a bounty of raspberry tarts and and fresh strawberries, hot tea, thick cream and pure bliss!

I have taken time to feel blessed by this day. Having survived a long week, or should I not say 'survived' but indeed 'triumphed' and infact 'prospered'.

Shell xx


  1. Amen to triumphing & prospering, Shell. You made me giggle with your story about the smallish door and largish window and eventually finding a door that you could all fit through. And, the bountiful produce looks scrumptious. Sounds like you had a very nice time, and I hope many more to come :-)

  2. It was the weekend of markets I think! I love the look of this little one, and I love the story of the door too. There is something so satisfying about going out to market and coming home with fresh produce and lovely things that you can spread out on the table... Looking forward to having morning tea with you one day soon x


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