Friday, July 3, 2009

Take to the sky...

Oh the goodness of Friday mornings!

Of not rushing out the door...

Of staying in, by the fire;

Of having L-O-N-G cups of tea;

Planning a peaceful, fruitful weekend;

Of just sitting still {when possible}, and reading wonderful, inspiring blogs - friends whom I have found, and have also found me...

Such delights and insights doth include:

Songs Of Light - by the amazing, insightful Kerri.

Thoughts & Biro Sketches - by my {chanced upon in paper shop} kindred spirit, Emily. {Which we both know was never a meeting of random chance..!}

In a Nutshell - by the wise, sensitive, sewing, mother heart that is Allison.

Snap That - by the passionate, Godly, explorative, joyful - Joyful. {Possibly the coolest pen name ever!}

This list could go on and on and on and on, and how you all make me feel, and smile, and inspire me to be more, and do more, and calm down, and make art - spread out my wings, and take to the sky!

Thank you.

And do tell me, what blogs make you want to fly?

Shell xx


  1. Your blog makes me want to fly, time and time again, fly just to get up off the ground for a while, full of energy and inspiration, and fly down south to see you again...

  2. I will wave in your landing.

    Then put the kettle on...

  3. Love the sky photo! The kettle pic looks so inviting, I want to invite myself over to your place, he he.

    Your blog and Emily's are some of my favourites and the "More Fabulous Blogs" column has introduced me to some wonderfully creative and inspiring women. Thank you for that! <3

  4. I am humbled. Thank you Shell! There is a blog by my internet friend Crystal that I enjoy reading called "Elsewhere Living" that you might like as well.


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