Saturday, August 8, 2009


I've become a reader!

For years my family, friends and {avid reader} husband have been trying to get me to read various literary treasures but I am someone who has stupidly never devoted my time to reading. Go figure? It makes no sense to me, or to anyone who knows me that I - somebody who loves writing, who always considered English her favouite subject at school, who is a stickler for correct spelling and grammar, a song and poetry writer - me - not read?! It's preposterous! And it is also {I hate to admit} lazy.

I don't like the idea of being intellectually, physically, or in any way lazy. I like to think of myself as a powerhouse of energy and self motivation! So I always find myself feeling a little bit embarrassed when people talk about the books they're reading, I want to be in those conversations, but I know there are countless pages to be ploughed though before I can have my share of the debriefing chats. And sadly, I don't make the effort.

So I didn't start my reading career with Lord Of The Rings, or Harry Potter. I started with a book I bought months ago. From one of the many wonderful blogs I read here each day over tea and toast. I've been always meaning to read it. Then last week I finally picked it up.

I have laughed out loud, been totally engrossed, cried, looked forward to getting things done so I can snuggle up on the couch and find out more of this real life story. Which I have related to a great deal through my own body image, and weight loss story.

Dietgirl is a treasure. An encouragement. She has inspired me to write, and to read, now and always!

Do visit her blog. Shauna is a fantastically witty, gifted, and clever writer both in this book and on her blog.

I am on a bit of a literary high now after finishing the book tonight, my eyes are wide open as I am suddenly noticing all the novels and biographies in Jamie's bookshelf as books "I" might read... I have graduated! I am a reader! I need to have a badge made! And I need to ask a question to all you learned friends out there - what do you suggest I read now?

Songsmith {booksmith?} xx


  1. Congratulations! You are now a reader *smile. And the book you read inspired you to read more. Reading is one of the pure, solitary joys of my life. It is something I enjoy a lot but I know there are others who also like to share what they've read in a book club. Thanks for the recommendation on the book and blog. I'll check them out!

  2. Ahh reading is one of life's joys I believe. Haven't had much time for reading lately but you have inspired me to make time ;). I will most definitely check out the book and blog recommendation.

    The last book I read was The Time Traveller's wife. Totally and completely magical. I highly recommend it.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I am reading several books at the moment. The one I pick up the most is The Curates Awakening by George MacDonald. Fantastic!
    Nothing will get you reading like the Harry Potter series or The Chronicles of Narnia - read them aloud to your kids : )
    Love Leanie
    ps The Hobbit is also great.


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