Monday, August 10, 2009

This place...

This place is meant for walking...

Was seen by the starry-eyed,
Is home to poets, philosophers & gentle spirits.

Waits patiently to see us,
Lays quietly beneath us,
The very life within us.
The centre of it all.
The gathering place.
For holding days with joy,
And un-handing days of loss, and pain.

We're all in this place,
it was made for walking...
Mostly with heads held high,
we can point to the sky and say;

'I was here when...'
and 'they were there, then...'

It's this place that keeps us here,
Makes us near,
This place is the Gathering, the Happening,
The Home, the Mother,
the Round Hill,
The Orchid, and the Memory.

The Harmony, and the Tragedy.
This place is all my people.
And all of us are,
This Place.

Shell xx


  1. Lovely photo and lovely words. I'm guessing this is your property and handed down through the generations or at least used by the generations :-) Lovely!

  2. Used, and handed down indeed.

    But really it is any place; where people have loved, lived, lost and found themselves again...

  3. Ah that radiant sky is beckoning me outside - You have such a beautiful way with words, Mechelle - I want to sing this with you..


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