Friday, September 4, 2009

Seeing Sunshine Through Grey...

Listening to my children giggle...

The cool spring air through my window.

The metaphorically wonderful state of the sky.

Soundtrack to my morning:

How I adore a new album. I savour the sleeve, soak up the songs. And always end up renewing my own inspiration as a result, of albums as fine, as this.

*thoughtful sigh*

Alight with the possibilities...

Songsmith xx


  1. Beautiful! Simply beautiful: the skies, the sentiments, & the "new to me" singer, Regina and her song "Laughing With". Thank you <3

  2. Hello!

    Love the last album of Regina...
    It is so so sweet and powerful


    PS: That grey color reminds me my winter days

  3. sky & clouds on her out your window...very moving...


Thank you for your thoughts...