Monday, September 7, 2009

To Creative Competitors -

I thought, on this wonderful Australian Spring morning, I would share a clip from a most magical time spent recording at Studios 301 in Sydney. This is where we recorded the album from which this little blog was named...

The song is called Outside Looking In, & though I love it - it never made the final cut on the album - however we did pop it on the Fall Too Hard EP which you can get from iTunes.

And - I have decided to launch my very first competition on this wee blog!

I will send a free signed copy of the EP {anywhere in the world} to the person who leaves a comment telling me the most interesting, descriptive and {possibly} amusing song review!

Give me your honest thoughts on the song and how it makes you feel, and I will get out the stamps and get-a-posting!

With Love,

Shell aka Songsmith xx


  1. Your song captures my mood on a regular day..I am always asking, questioning "is this where God wants me", "am I in His will or is this my own will"? Sometimes people says if it is God's will you will not have all these obstacles but other people say "if it is God's will you will have obstacles, and God will help you overcome them". I tend to think the latter :-). Probably because I always have obstacles, lol. Sad but true. And it is these obstacles, when "nothing is fair" that make me who I am today and give me courage and strength to keep on pressing. Your song inspires me to think of all that and keep on going. Sorry this sounds so serious and not funny. But through it all, God does give me lots of laughter, joy and bright spots.Part of that is music, like yours. Music which lifts my soul and brightens my moments. xoxo

  2. after having a stupid/silly argument w/my husband...i clicked on your blog & looked forward to hearing & seeing you...not to mention being entertained by you...PERFECT timing...Outside Looking In ...i needed to hear you sing this song...i needed to hear you me...right now...THANK YOU moved the right direction...YOU made a difference in my life today...peace, love & light to you...

  3. Ladies.

    I am touched beyond expectation. To have effected anyone an eighth as much would have thrilled me... But this, is the measure of God's love, which knows no bounds. Come and have tea with me one day the two of you!

    And in the meantime, email me your snail mail addresses. For it is I who wish to thank you.

    : )

  4. "...sometimes I don't know if I can carry on.
    ...sometimes I don't know if this is what I want...
    ...nothing is new under the sun"

    Under the sun or under The Son?
    There's nothing more ancient than perfect love.

    Anyway, those words are in my thoughts from day to day and week to week. And what it boils down to is that all I need to do is my very best (it's a sort of mantra of late) because the rest is not my business.

    Thanks for your voice,
    your fingers.
    Thanks for being willing.
    I receive it and am thankful.

  5. Would love to have tea with you Shell <3. Have sent you my snail mail addy :-)

  6. Plume. I am such a fan of your vibrance... And feel so happy that you have stopped by this wee blog.

    Thank you everyone for your comments, I have been so overwhelmed by your love, and feel inspired to post more and more of my heart here for you, my dear friends!


  7. Oh pick me, pick me! I can't think of anything amusing to say damn it! Will flattery do instead? I would be so thrilled and honoured to sit on my couch looking out at the mountains and hear your glorious voice and soul pouring out of my speakers! What a glorious thought! Sigh. I shall just have to cross my fingers and toes :)


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