Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A blogger's dedication...

{I'd like to dedicate this post to the three winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2009}

...For making the technology of digital photography a reality to all of us folk in the blog world, and everywhere on the www.

The communicative, and artistic opportunities are made excitingly, endless thanks to such genius - and I feel a duty to thank them from my {down under} speck of blogspot - where, without digital photography, {provided by this beautiful baby} - I wouldn't be able to so often convey how I feel, who I am, and where I am, from my lens, to you dear reader!

In celebration, I took a little walk this afternoon with my fancy digital camera, on this most bleak, cold and grey Canberra day.

And I am posting the following pictures in honour of technological blessings, and with thanksgiving for such darn cleverness!

Bless you Nobel Prize winning men! You've helped make our beautiful, vast world, small enough to see it all, through anyone's eyes.

Shell xx


  1. Hey, great pics! Isn't the tree the best invention ever?

  2. Fantastic pics. I caught the news story about the noble peace prize winners tho I didn't immediately note the digital photography angle. Where would we be without digital photos???They are so wonderful. Your photos today are exceptional too Shell. Thanks for sharing them with us :-) xx

  3. These be some delicious photos!
    J'aime la photographique digital!

  4. Stunning. There is something about the lone tree on the horizon, backed by a thousand moody clouds that wrenches my heart. I think my soul belongs in a single tree.


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