Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Sonnet...

Late night poetry
is the sound of my own whispering voice
reading by lamp light...
to peaceful, passionate, or even tragic images
I will mull over
while falling asleep

It is the feeling,
of hearing the Holy Spirit beside me-
I can almost tell what creative endeavor is coming next...

It is Sunday breakfast!
Lemons and sugar, rasp- and strawberries in the morn!

Over a pot of Earl Grey,
-a buttermilk pancake
-four babies playing
-smiles from my best friend
-gentle rain out of doors
-sweet thoughts of a blessed week gone by...

and always
the poetry
the sonnet
the spring
the songs
the friends

and Spirit

to my heart

to my mind.

Shell xx

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  1. Lovely Sunday morning. Those berries and blinis look divine :-)


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