Monday, October 12, 2009

Scenes from Saturday night...

{Is is not possible for me to explain the amount of hours the collage that lies here beneath has taken to create!}

Saturday was a hard days night, for The Tullys. We performed at the wedding ceremony and reception of a bride who happened to be one of my close friends from school, in Canberra about twelve years ago.

It's funny when you see someone again - even funnier when for me I have, since walking the school corridors with her, become a Christian, been married myself, given birth {four times, mind you!} and, generally - non-specifically speaking - grown up.

Singing for her, and her about-to-be-husband as she walked down the aisle was a wonderful mixture of happiness, graciousness, and terror that I simply HAD to get the song right! Well I did get it right, and her smiles to me across the crowded terrace were an instant confirmation of that.

I shed a little tear during the pivotal moment of the reception, when the bride and groom grace the dance floor together for the first, momentous dance. Again, it was when she looked at me, her arms and graceful figure against her new husband in waltz hold, with such a smile and a gratitude as we played and I sang, their special song.

Lots of bands look down their noses at the good ole' wedding gig. But we have always seen it as a chance to serve through our music. Remembering that they will remember this day forever. And through this act of service we too have been so blessed by the people we have met, the places we have been, and the music/magic we made there.

I raise my glass to my dear friend, and her new husband! Hoorah!

Songsmith xx

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  1. I was so touched by your story about your views on playing the "wedding gig". I love your heart of service and I know it pleases the Lord. xx


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