Sunday, November 22, 2009

Many posts, in one...

I've been singing in rooms with high ceilings. To the sound of my good friend the piano - and to the incredible guitar skills of Cam & Jamie. Not to mention the unsurpassed beats of Mr RC. We've added a new backing singer to our on stage musical family, & I am enjoying the new colours she brings...

We played this {below} beautiful room on Friday. Happy people, sensational dancing, extraordinarily hot weather! A country town, a Catholic Church. I should have remembered my camera while we waited outside the ceremony to walk the happy couple down the road {singing Irish folk songs!} to said beautiful room - as I have an obsession with old country towns and especially old churches in old country towns.

On Sunday I took rest. Which normally I don't, and therefore, am generally no good at!

We took the long and winding road back to the river somewhere... Picniced under welcomed, much cooler overcast sky.

Others swam, but I stayed still by the river bed. Reflected on two long gigs just merely behind me; the state of my heart at the turn of a new season, the lovliness of my children playing by the water... And, although said above, I am normally fairly bad at relaxing...

Next to my love {finally returned home}...

I excelled!

I read my book, and giggled much. Wrote lyrics to future songs in my leather bound journal. I let my spirit rest, and be glad in it.

We drove home in witness to the beautiful valley. How can you look out on it and not say a prayer? And not be thankful? For patience, and constancy, and perseverance. For a blessed, eventful, challenging and therefore, most wonderful, poetic life.

Shell xx


  1. Your blog is beautiful...the pictures, the words and the way you share your heart, it's really lovely. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to visiting again. :)

  2. I love this post! Such beautiful pictures and your words made me feel like I was there. Thank you for sharing your lovely self x x


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