Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My little piece...

It's been an amazing time -
in and around my little piece of Earth,
I have been amazed by the people
I am privileged to share this life with,
and I've wept for this life,
Shuddered at the realness of it's death
I've put my heart and my patience to the test
I've talked, at length about real things - with myself...

And thus I see a new chapter is dawning -
in and around my little piece of Earth
Time to put to rest some,
And time to awaken some others...

I know you're there
and will wish me,
all the good that there is to wish,
As I too,
Wish it for you.

Shell xx


  1. Beautiful my friend, simply beautiful. There are so many seasons and transitions in life. I see you are passing from one phase to another. As you do it, my thoughts and prayers and good warm wishes are with you always. xx

  2. You are an adorable creature and I love that you always take the deep road. Love this pic of you too x

  3. Amen beautiful friend. You inspire my soul.


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