Sunday, December 6, 2009

Four~Hundred Short Stories...

{...and I still feel young!}

{The first photo taken from this wee blog!}

Hello my wonderful friends,

I am overwhelmed, and excited to announce that this is officially my 400th blog post!

A place I created to share my heart, and aspects of what I considered to be an interesting, challenging, wonderful, often weird, and always poetic life...

I wish to link to, and give thanks to a kindred spirit, whose friendship did lead to me starting this blog - a beloved friend whom I met in a paper shop once in Sydney... Our meeting was at first brief, and "chance" - as chance as the Lord's careful workings in His purposeful tapestry -that we call our lives...

I speak of my meeting Miss Emily, in said paper shop, in said Australian city, because as the Lord did sew it with his careful thread - an awakening was to occur inside of me, through this befriending.

I guess I had just become too busy, lapsed into being inwardly anxious, digressed into being outwardly unconscious... In short, I loved the Lord, but had seemingly forgotten - in the preciousness of the every day - how to engage with Him.

And this is sort of how I became, More Than Twelve Short Stories...

My band had just finished recording, and was about to release an album which I had written and named Twelve Short Stories. It was a pretty exciting time, and I did nothing but talk about and promote the album to the ends of the Earth (as it was our own indie release).

So I needed this place to be just for my thoughts, my sometimes fears, my poems, my walks, my family, my faith, my recipes, my photos: my short stories - more than Twelve Short Stories...

And then, before long, without ado, like a small still voice, came a flow of new inspiration! A flourish of new friends and kindred spirits! Possibilities, and new ways to explore my artistry!

And I began writing new songs, and found a place to share them, from their birth, with my readers.

And through this all, I have grown so entirely.

But I would have had no-one to talk with, had it not been for you.

Your comments have surprised and delighted, charmed and enlightened me! I am humbled by the success of this blog, and ever so very thankful! For paper shops, and tapestries, and blue blogs, and bookmarks, and zucchini soup, and friendship, and honesty, the Holy Spirit, and heart songs, and little birds...

For being woken up from a deepest sleep, I didn't know I was in...

I pray dear reader,

That some sense can be made of my heartfelt ramblings this night! And that you will stay with me? I promise I will remain awake with you to grow, and discover new parts of the tapestry which is by no means a "chance" or a random thing - but is our lives!

And I intend to go on and share the poetic, and the meaningful aspects of it all, here with you.

Shell xx


  1. Lovely Shell, wax ever onward!

    I would say "congratulations" (and mean it) but here it seems more appropriate to say "well done, well said" (and mean that even more).

  2. Hello dear friend, I hardly know what to say dear one because in reading what is always deep in your heart, you move me to tears. I sit here right now with joyful tears streaming down my face. I have joy because of God and who he is, and how he knits us together in his perfect way. Like the lovely Emily has been for you, you have been for me to inspire me and motivate me to take up blogging for my own self (I had already been doing it for the African missions). It has been a wonderful experience for me just as for you. I hope I continue to grow along with you all...and as UD says "well done, well said". You are a delight and a beautiful, loving creation of God. Be blessed. <3

  3. Dearest Mechelle, dear kindred - Your journey on here has been nothing short of beautiful. Your blog posts, like everything you do - in faith, in creating art, mothering, living - are honest, passionate and true. I cannot begin to tell you the ways you have inspired me and blessed me in my journey. I thank God and his spirit for our meeting! Truly "No eye has seen nor ear heard the things He has prepared for those who love him"

    I feel a growing excitement in my toes to know that we will remain good friends for a long time. Happy 400th, With all my heart!

  4. Congratualtions on your 400th post! I love the way you share your heart and I'm so glad I get to read along. Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Hi there Mechelle! I loved reading this post! I'm so glad that this beautiful space of 12 short stories has helped to awaken something beautiful within you from God...He is amazing how He weaves our lives with all those "chance" encourage us and lift us up.
    May you be blessed as you are such a blessing to me!
    Love Martine
    ps. the red stars in the next post look beautiful blowing in the breeze.


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