Thursday, December 3, 2009

Health, and voice...

I didn't like to mention it darling, but I have a cold. And the only interesting thing about this fact is that I'm a singer. Booked for a BIG do on Saturday night..!

So tonight after a scratchy band practice, I am sitting (up too late) with homemade hot lemon & honey drink and trying to love it.

Praying for health, and voice. And SOON!

Shell xx


  1. Sending healthy thoughts your way...
    ~~~~Feel 'em?~~~~~
    Good luck with Saturday.

  2. ...keep your mouth shut...until then... :)))

  3. I love that mug in the picture! I'm a mug person. I'll say a prayer for your health and voice too. :)

  4. I'll pray for you. I do love honey and lemon myself. Maybe you would like it better if you added them both to hot tea. But I know it will help you. I will pray it helps you ENOUGH to sing. Hugs xx

  5. Oh thank you friends!

    Andrea, I am feeling the healthy thoughts you were kind enough to send!

    Nancy, it's hard, but okay! You're right!

    And thank you Tea, I love that mug too! (and I definitely chose it based on it's lemony inspired decoration!)

    And than you for your prayers, they mean so much.


  6. Thank you Joyful, I feel so comforted by your kind words. I am trying not to worry - just to rest and take calm thoughts, not frantic ones... Your comment has blessed me like an old wise friend. Thank you.

  7. Oh my, I just got a chance to come here and listen to your music and I really like it a lot! Your voice is beautiful!!

    Usually my son is napping and I'm afraid to play any music because he'll wake up, but he is out for the night and I've been wanting to get over here and have a listen. ~Very beautiful!

  8. You WILL be feeling better by Saturday, I just believe it! And even if a wee tint of cold remains in your voice, I have a feeling you'll be able to play it off as especially sultry!

  9. Mechelle Tully, I don't deserve you! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog! How did your voice hold up on Saturday?

  10. Tea - thank you! I hope you will stay tuned to my tunes! I am so encouraged by your words! Again, thanks.

    Kelly - your positive thoughts made me smile so much! Thank you!

    and dear Kerri - I do not deserve YOU!

    ...and unfortunately, for the first time in ten years I was forced to cancel my performance on Saturday. I was really flat about it - but the cough/cold and weariness didn't budge : (

    The kind words and encouragements have meant so much to me, if only I could have willed the ills away with your love!


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