Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Of red and green...

There have been rainstorms on my cherry trees, and gift gathering in my mind as the first of festive December arrives at Hillview - on rather a cool and unseasonably un-summery day.

I bought the Green House door a present!

And it sort of was for me too... Looks so magnificent to my eyes that I get a Christmassy smile on my head every time I see it!

And in-of-doors I am vasing up all of the fresh December blooms from my garden so that a new floral discovery can be made around every corner.

And while I wait out the cool change inside with my ornaments and things of red and green, I have the perfect Diva/Christmas slippers to warm, and charm me before the heat hits hard, the rains desert us and the Aussie summer delivers it's usual harshness and sunburnt beauty.

Hope you're enjoying the beginning of the Advent month, where ever you be!

Shell xx


  1. Your wreath is so pretty! And I love the idea of having flowers all through the house. ...And the slippers, very cute! :)

  2. I love all your flowery surprises around each corner! The wreath is so beautiful and so are your sparkley shoes:) Have a wonderful advent!
    :) Martine

  3. Beautiful Shell. The lovely red berried wreath looks divine against the green door. I also love the photo of the water droplets. Simply lovely :-))

  4. Oh everything is so beautiful! Love the wreath and the shoes!

  5. Thank you beautiful women! You make christmas - and blogging for that matter - and christmas blogging for another matter - fun!!


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