Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope for Haiti Now...

The beautiful, and ever thoughtful she posted this on Facebook today.
I have become enraptured.
I'm ready to get on a plane and take all my groceries.
Donate my fortnights spending money.
Sell my TV and my iPhone if I could just help an ounce!
I can see why the Lord uses the gifted to help the needy.
That a performance so inspired by the Holy Spirit such as this,
Will communicate to all the millions.
of what we need to do.

At very least.
Log onto iTunes
And donate as little as $5 to the American Red Cross.
Or buy the official Live performance album,
From last night's telethon.

I donated $10 through my iTunes account.
It's not enough.
But it's a little piece,
Of hope for Haiti.

Shell xx


  1. oh shell. thanks for having a heart that feels, that is touched. xoxo - she.

  2. You too friend. Thank you for being such an inspiring soul.

  3. So great. This song has been in my head for days.


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