Friday, January 22, 2010

The rainy city...

I have awayed for two short days to the beautiful, rainy city of Melboune. I have been resting my bones and filling my mouth with amazing - and sort of the nearest to Europe - food you can taste while still in the land of L'Australie!

I have strolled the city arcades, browsed best of designer, vintage, and kooky haunts...

I have loved/and lived all the many ways one can lounge in coffee shops, and scribble poetic phrases into ones jotter...

I have marveled at the architecture...

As my budget was a little blown before I even arrived in the city - I was to content myself with tea shops and my own photography, with dreams of returning soon with money for a dress {or perhaps two!}

But I did procure this cunning little crocheted necklace for $19 in an alley way boutique!

I suspect I will yearn for breakfasts as good as I have had, and shops as interesting and plentiful, for time spent in quiet contemplation of the world, for special moments with my dear Mumma and sisters in law, for quite some time to come!

Shell xx


  1. Aah that picture you took of yourself wearing that astonishing combo of red top and purple skirt is AMAZING! How bout you come round and we try on outrageous outfits together?!

  2. I love your photography... and that crochet necklace is divine!!

  3. So great you had a great time in Melbourne! Its the best for meandering down alley ways, eating out and enjoying little treasures along the way:) Love Martine

  4. You've taken some very lovely photos in Melbourne dear Shell. I hope you had a wonderful time there. The rain reminded me of here :-) How far is it to Melbourne from where you live?


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