Sunday, January 17, 2010

Warmth and cool...

Somedays, you are a fiery burst of oranges and reds - moving quickly, getting ahead of things, looking the lens in the eye, and bursting with the sort of confidence that is derived by things of burnt orange!

Other days, you're more somber places of purple, green and blue, content to let the day slip by a little more... Slowly brewing pots of tea and hearing the deeper thoughts from within the core of your heart...

Which are you this day?

Shell xx


  1. It is entirely possible that you have the most beautiful eyes in the whole world! Just glorious! I think maybe I might be feeling more purple, green and blue. But I wish I was feeling burnt orange!

  2. Still waking up, slowly, in all white (as my pjs are), like a blank canvas for the day. I think I might be in fierce need of some mustard. I'll have to do something about that.

  3. Well I seem to wear my basic outfit of blacks and greys each and every day, lol. Yesterday though I felt like I was in a blue day and today I had more of an orange day. Largely because I'm making progress on my decluttering project...which goes on and on and I hope your day is going swell and I'm hoping to have more orange days in order to finish as much of my decluttering project as possible before travel at the end of the month and leg surgery in early February :-)

  4. I second Kerri; your eyes are definitely some of the most beautiful I have chanced upon.

    As for today; I woke up hot and bothered. So I think I'm feeling more cool to try and counter all the heat!

  5. Hi again Shell, just dropping by to wish you a wonderful weekend. Also to let you know I'm having my first little giveaway over at my blog. I'd love it is you and friends would drop by and participate :-) Big hugs xx

  6. Thank you friends! I often feel driven to wear one colour or another - glad I'm not alone in my kookiness!

    Joyful - I have been over to your giveaway post and think you're a star!



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