Friday, January 15, 2010

The waters of this world...

...I'm not much of a swimmer -

But I know not who could have resisted these waters..?

Certainly not, me.

I have been washed in clear river waters of late.
I even rode the rapids! (tentatively, once!)
Spent time praying by the shore...
Eating gourmet picnic delights.
Escaping the intensive heat.
Playing with my children/niece/nephews.
The world I am in, is in tosses and turns at the moment.
No doubt in a wonderful way!
For I am embarking on several new adventures...
And look forward to recounting them here with you soon.

Until then, I hope you feel the cool, the clarity, and the pleasure I have taken in these waters of late.

I hope you take pleasure in them too.
And also in a phrase, I heard mentioned by a wise soul the other day -
which has been swirling round my head - cooling, and clearing my fear and my thoughts:

"It's only a short trip through life,

and the idea is to leave it better, than you found it."

Amen to such wisdom!

Which inspires me to embark on betterment with a clear, collected view, of my walk through the waters of this world.

Shell xx


  1. As always, you move me by your beautiful words of contemplation and just by what you do each day in celebration of life. Like you, I'm not a swimmer but that river looks like the perfect place where even I could be cooled by the refreshing waters. Love and hugs xx

  2. Oooh I want to know about your adventures so bad!

  3. Very lovely thought and photos. :)

  4. Joyful - you are my friend! I want to meet you and hug you tight! A gift from the Lord above is your friendship.

    可愛女人 - I think you said: "I am Tianshan, waits for one round the bright moonlight." Bless you for your comment and introduction. And bless Yahoo Babel Fish - for I do not profess to speak Chinese! Thanks again!

    Kerri - I look forward to sharing them!

    and Tea - thank you again for your ongoing kinship. We mighty women of God are sticking together!

  5. Shell, you are very kind and gracious. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I too would LOVE to meet you. I don't know how far you are from Sydney but I have a distant relative living there whom I should some day visit, and would love to meet you too! I just know we would hit it off. xx


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