Monday, January 11, 2010

a Small Summer Harvest...

I keep you and tell you-
Plant you and ask you, to grow?
I'm wowed by your mystery,
and the miracle
of life, that keeps my life,
but for this time of harvest.
Though small and modest a-gathered-
I keep you and thank you,
I am so ever proud!
of my small Summer harvest.

Shell xx


  1. Ah..a breath of fresh air! Your photographs suck me in and make me feel alive!! Love them, girly! Those potatoes are beautiful and yummy looking! I hope you enjoy them!


    Ps. "Nervous" is a beautiful song! Your voice (?) is just lovely.

  2. Your words, and photos, are music to my ears... thank you thank you.

  3. It's so exciting gathering things to eat from your very own garden isn't it? Nothing tastes as good!

  4. Abigail thank you - you'll never know what an encouragement your words have been to me today! To know that you have tasted a little piece of my hand made art - and liked it - that is motivation for me to do more and more and more!

    Windhover - I could sing a song of you all day. And often do.

    Kerri - you're so right on girl! We're on the same page!


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