Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Produce...

From my own little patch of soil...

Raspberry & White chocolate batter {while the raspberries are below $12 a punnet!}

Lunch on a hot afternoon.

If this is any show of things to eat for the year ahead, it shall be a very good year indeed!

Shell xx


  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing in life is more satisfying than walking out to your own garden, plucking the produce you've nurtured along, sang to, carefully checked, dusted the dirt off of, then letting it nourish you.

    I'm perfectly envious, in the most admirable way, of your lunch.

  2. Dove said it so well - There is some kind of magical joy felt when eating the things you've helped grow in the earth.

    I love seeing your meals; bright, healthy, nourishing... But even more so I love eating them with you!

  3. I love your new year resolutions and that chocolate and raspberry batter! Wow! That looks yummo! I hope your having a wonderful day! :) Martine
    ps. thanks for your lovely encouraging words you left on my blog! :)

  4. Oh everything looks fantastic. The colours of your produce are so brilliant and make a perfect salad. Your are making me soooooo hungry, and I wouldn't feel guilty eating such healthy food.

  5. Emily, you, infact all of you ladies need to come to Hillview for some of my fresh hot tea, a hodgepodge gourmet lunch and a good ol' yarn!


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