Monday, January 4, 2010

To the sea...

For a change of colour, sound, smell and scene... We - upon not much more than a moment's notice - headed towards the ocean blue...

To be washed in yellow sand, in salt and water. And play on the beach with our babes.

To observe those costal bound birds - and enjoy Tara at one, all but flying high alongside with them, and quite certainly right up in the air, in her mind...

A long journey to a seaside town,
On a moment's notice,
Arm in arm with my love, my children,
My brother and sisters, niece and nephews,
Home to have church and read Proverbs 28,
Drink tea together and enjoy some lingering Christmas Belgian dark chocolate...

This year so far is immensely, undeservedly blessed!

Shell xx


  1. Lovely post! Beautiful pictures! :)

  2. Oh those first two pictures took my breath away! So beautiful! Wish I had come too:)

  3. ...your photos literally sing...with beauty...


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