Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello Loves!

Let me start this letter to you with great regret that I haven't written sooner.

There are a myriad of reasons and excuses I could give you, some of them are to do with that sort of writers block caused by husband being so very far away, for what seems so very long...  But really it is more often due to that sort busyness of a blessed life, that can sweep you away into a mindless day-to-day if you let it.

But I won't let it.

I am still in a (what seems never ending) pre-production for the album - arranging songs, and feeling like there aren't enough hours in my days or my nights to get it all done.

But I am going to cool, and breath.

Because making an album is a long involving, special, spiritual and very final thing.  Once it is done, it is done!  And I don't want to 'do' for the sake of having something to blog about, unless it is the right bit of 'doing' which is perfectly placed, and true to the music.

[That may have been a nonsensical rant!?]

But I digress...  It has also been a wonderful week.  A week I have been able to help bless my dear sister and brother in law.  Who have such a busy life raising four little boys and one girly girl - last week they went on a long deserved family road trip together - and while they were away, those Tullys left behind, sort of did a surprise renovation on their lounge room!  We made beige on beige into olive country green trimmed with crisp warm white...

I was allowed to help paint! 

...and purposefully sand! 

And Voila!  Finished product!

It was a two day, epic team Tully triumph which took a tired family lounge room, and gave it the lift which it, and it's occupants truly deserved.  (And they loved it!)  *relief* Amen!

From there I have been spending time with my four small people, enjoying their prettiness and their silliness alike.  Rather then letting parent hood drain me of energy, I try to let these children give me that vitality and delight of heart which they so naturally posses, and I believe the Lord intends to grant busy mother hearts with...

And there is nothing which keeps one more inspired to do all super mother diva activities than a well planned {or even unplanned} silly outfit for the day!

I end by declaring my love for you dear friends, for your patience and encouragement always.  My love for green/blue retro half-aprons, red tights, for music (especially The Swell Season right now) and for my own musical pursuits - which, be assured, are on their way, to your ears...

Shell xx


  1. The lounge room looks just wonderful Shell. So stunning set of by the white trim. You Tully's are just the most wonderful people...... what else can I say.

    Love XXX Trish

  2. I should correct myself here ..."off' by the white!!!! Typographical error LOL

  3. Nice one my girly girl. Missing you from Manila!! ;-)

  4. A sweet post and I love the photos...
    I love your blog banner!

  5. Ooh I love the wall colour! A little facelift can completely change a room, make it feel like an entirely different one. You did well :) xx

  6. Thank you Trish - it did look beautiful and was such a fun thing to do for them!

    CrowNology - welcome! thanks for the kind words, and yeah, lots of debate and discussion went into the banner in an earlier post - I love it too!!!

    Kle - I have been loving your recent painting/renovating posts so this made me feel as clever as you! Thanks for your comment! (and your blog still won't let me comment on yours! - It's so frustrating, but I am there and reading and I adore you girl!)


  7. Yay for silly outfits! I love it!


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