Friday, May 21, 2010

Tea, for three...

Life is really not as familiar and as predictable as I would often perceive it to be.  


Once there was just me.  Alone in a flat with nothing on for dinner and no washing machine.  Then, {the Lord be thanked} - girl met boy, life began, and suddenly there was {and still is} an inseparable two.  The kettle would be boiled at least five times a day for tea, and two lovingly chosen, chipped and sometimes half broken cups would be stood beside the brewing pot.  Kisses, and animated conversations would always ignite there...

Now a wonderful, whimsical love filled decade and a half has flown colourfully by since I first started having that tea - and now when I make a pot {note: amount of pots per day has considerably increased!} I put three, rather quaint little cups and saucers out on the bench, most often for my two older children, and me.  I adore tea with those two - they are becoming proper little people I've noticed!  They banter and jest, and question, and ponder and kiss me over that tea and I quietly hang, on every minute of it with them.

But I hate that my inseparable friend must be away for so much time in order to earn our bread.  So that he is not always home for those cups of tea anymore...  We make up for it of course in the time that he is home - and I can really see the transition into my adulthood at the bottom of my own cup.  

I think that time is both the blessing and the challenge of this life.  It seems to mean everything, and yet, if our God is outside of it, maybe it really just is something to use carefully, and spend wisely.  Perhaps time on earth really isn't the important thing, but it's what we do with our days that matters.  And the challenge is to see past the ticks of the clock and look at the tasks God puts before us.

I am therefore, pausing to think, in light of this spiel, that if time is not an important beast, but simply a challenging one, then my friend really is never very far from me, or his tea.

Picture below: my new clock!  

And perhaps it's the clock which has caused me to examine the curiousness of time today.  I hope you have a glorious weekend, and make the most of every minute!

Shell xx


  1. Oh I feel for you Shell. I hate it when Dean goes away. I'm glad you've got your little people to keep you company and of course to drink tea with!

  2. Sorry your partner has to be away too but hopefully the time you do have together is made sweeter by the absences. I'm glad your wee ones have grown enough to join you the tea drinking so you are not alone. Big hugs xx

  3. Love these thoughts and the lovely way you put them into words. It is hard when our loves have to be away for long hours (or days). I hope you get to enjoy some sweet time with your love soon.


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