Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Here Lady...

The most beautiful day in May is always Mother's Day for me.  And this year, the mother of our little clan celebrated her sixtieth birthday.

We sat in the sun and ate homemade delicacies, played The Beatles for our Scouser heroin, loved her and showered her with gifts and hugs; and I wrote, and read out a little poem...

This Here Lady.
by Mechelle Tully
I am indeed perhaps,
{as per usual!}
in too many words & ways
to tell you all, of things
in the air, 
the character, 
the manner,
& the many graces of  
this here, Lady-
Which, in her sixty years of life to date
you would well, already know...
But how better can we celebrate?
If not to acknowledge this 
This friend, mother,
prophet, Christian,
servant, leader, 
lover, dancer, singer
and keeper - of all our consciences as diligently as the Lord Himself!
Though there may have been at least twelve
verses in this poem!  
If I’d written one for each of the virtues just listed, 
But I feel, (unusually!) drawn to silence in the matter of elaborating on such points,
For fear that words cannot duly Celebrate,
the absolute, 
Enormity of this life!
And how blessed we all are, to witness her 
Living it, so… impressively.
Few, have loved her more than those gathered here...
And fewer still, I believe, 
have made more of a study, 
and a range of sacrifices - for Love,
Than this, here, lady.
The very heart,
Of such a family as this- 
is you.
(and before mine renders me to tears!)
I wish to only else to say-
a Happy Birthday-
to this, here, Fine, lady.

I'd like to also acknowledge my own mother this day - bless her soul for giving me life.  
I'd also like to thank all of the tremendously wonderful people who thought of me this Mother's Day - thank you for your messages and thoughts.

I have four children, and being Mother to them is my pleasure and my privilege.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers and mother hearts...

Shell xx


  1. Wonderful Ode to Mothers. So glad you enjoyed your day with one :-) Big hugs xx

  2. From one mother heart to another,
    Your words are a blessing. What a woman of noble character Maureen is! And so beautiful and full of life. I can hear your voice your words, and imagine the great love and gratitude you would have in your eyes as you did. When you are sixty your children will be singing such great praises for you. I know it.


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