Saturday, December 4, 2010

a Beautiful Storm...

It has barely rained in my part of the world for nearly fifteen years.  But this week, a week of solid rain has enveloped us.  It is so beautiful.  So cool and wet, storms have been wild, which always remind me of the power of this world, and this life.

And at the same time I am facing a beautiful storm...

I can tell you my mind and my heart are both ready.  My body too, is telling me it is nearly time to give someone I know so well, and have not yet met, their birth.

Wish me luck.

Shell xx


  1. Can't wait to meet them either!

    Chidda xoxo

  2. "A little ray of sunshine" is about to come into your world, "..a little ray of sunshine".......

    love you Shell xxx

  3. Oh Shell, I completely know and feel these sentiments towards rain! It is still something so precious, to hear it and feel it still tingles my bones. And actually I was born after huge storm and rain in our city after a very dry summer. What blessing the rain can bring!

  4. I can't imagine what it would be like going so long without rain. What a blessing that it has come! Praying blessings on you as you prepare for your little one.

  5. Your words & photographs give me joy!

  6. And of course I'll wish you more than luck; good health, strength, blessing and some humour!

  7. Good luck Shell! I cannot wait to meet this new gorgeous member of your family x x


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