Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Hundred Reasons...

I started this blog because I was inspired to share my life, though my music - my newest album at the time called Twelve Short Stories - my camera lens and my family.

This post is number 500 in the saga - 
and I feel I am just hitting my stride baby..!

I never could have anticipated the dearest friends I would make, the encouraging comments I would receive, and the vastness of where in the world my words, and my songs would travel...  

In short, it has been so much more than I planned for - so much more than Twelve Short Stories.

I love this place, here with you.  

I almost always well up with tears while writing & reading posts, I always try to share what is on and in my heart.  I come to you when I'm inspired, excited, enraptured, disheartened, empty or fulfilled.  

...I come to you from where ever I am.

And today I am here!  

Yikes!  and yes, this is as big as it looks!
(And twice as heavy)!

Shall we drink (something non alcoholic please!) to 500 more?
Posts, not babies!

; )

Shell xx


  1. Congratulations! On both posts and babies ;)

  2. I'm drinking some amazing chocolate mint tea to 500 more. I'm so glad to have discovered you and this community. Your posts always encourage me to look at the world in a more gracious way.

  3. Suzannah, Heloo! Lovely to meet you here, and thank you girl!

    Lizzy, I know just what you mean... : ) and the chocolate mint tea sounds delicious!

  4. Yes we shall! I toast my glass of cool water to you now dear friend. Seeing and reading and hearing your journey; stories of your life has been a pleasure to behold. And that belly! I love it. and you.

  5. HEH! {500 babies!} eek...

    Yay for 500 more and more...
    Your light touches upon these shores and makes me feel comforted...
    Thank you.

  6. I feel exactly the same about blogging. It is amazing isn't it? I'm so glad I did it, and so glad to have met your gorgeous self! Surely that bubba must be here any minute! Surely x x

  7. Kerriiiii! I am dying to post a post which announces the birth! Soon soon!!!

    Love you ladies! You all make my blogging and therefore my life wonderful!


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