Monday, December 27, 2010

Sights, smells and sounds of this Christmas...

A gift of Christmassy baby booties, from my beloved friend Lynn, (which baby didn't arrive in time for)!

None the less, with my abject disbelief in rushing these things before their God given timing, I waited (sometimes patiently) and still smiled all Christmas long!

{photo duo by Emma} 

Plenty of caroling went on, with Emma at the piano, giving singing lessons to all of the children!

It was a very calm and peaceful Christmas for me, I spent much time cuddling with my babes with my swollen feet up! 

Argyle was dressed and decorated in festive flair!  My guests were thrilled with it's Christmassy touches!

On Christmas eve, Jamie and I lined up the stockings, and laid gifts under the tree for our four small people - and were overcome by how much we love them - Christmas surrounded by children, makes everything feel sweeter...

Christmas morning was wonderful.  

We try to strike a healthy balance between the generosity of Christ, exampled by the figure of Santa - to show the love we have for one another, through the exchanging of gifts, in honour of Jesus, whose birthday and perfect love, is the inspiration everyday, to be better and better.

I pray you too, got everything you hoped for from the season.

Shell xx

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  1. I had a nice, quiet Christmas with loved ones too. Glad you're doing well and putting your feet up now and then. Hugs xx


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