Sunday, January 9, 2011

Summer lights...

{Photo by Anna Eliza Tully}

Whether they stream from the awe inspired afternoon sky...

Or from above my head (and feet) upon a perfect piece of Aussie beach...

Or struck from my heart, at the very thought of the person who will soon fill this perfect green singlet...

They each make everyday of this summer, so bright, and perfect for me.

Have missed you.

Shell xx


  1. All very beautiful photos, Shell. I can't wait to see who fills the little singlet also. Hugs xx

  2. Hi Mechelle! Beautiful photos! Lovely photos of fine weather!! In QLD we are having lots of rain so a blue sky is a rare sight! Can't wait to here the wonderful news about your bubs! I'm due in 2 days and can't wait to meet this little one too! I hope you are keeping well and blessings to you at this very special time:)
    Love Martine

  3. Oh hurrah for sunshine! We have had a rainy old day to day, but even moment of blue and gold I get I soak it in (and store it up for the cold europe that awaits me) - we are so blessed in so many ways. And that little singlet makes my heart melt. I hope I will get to store up some of my own one day soon. Love always xx

  4. You've made me pine for spring or summer a little bit there! :)

    PS your voice kept me company while ironing this evening - had your music on during :) x

  5. Shell, your little girl looks like the most glorious little pixie in that first photo! So gorgeous! Where IS the person who is going to wear the little green singlet?


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