Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blues & Greens...

I have had a most wonderful week.  

Rainy weather, slow mornings, numerous cups of tea over extended hours of sitting, feeding my new, little person.  Spirited conversations with my kin whilst we wait out the storms, and the heat waves, therein we marvel at Oliver's fantastic face - and share with him the first of so many days he will spend on this Earth.  {Of course there is exhaustion & work, adjustment and after pains!} but overall, it is a splendid time of newness, hope and great joy.

Gifts and cards received, have been so, so humbly accepted and appreciated - I never expect a thing from anyone - I am always delightedly shocked at how thoughtful and kind people can be, not to mention so tasteful!  So I just wanted to feature the beautiful things which I've been so lovingly given this week, in this here post, and to thank you 

- you know who you are

for making a wonderful week - that much more meaningful to a family with a new member now in residence.  

There is a definite owl theme going on here - (so very fitting for him I think)!

I gifted myself, with a new chair to sit upon while I breast feed, and sip tea in the sunroom, and blog about this promising new year with you...

 Au revoir!

But only for now.  Write again soon.

Yours sincerely,

Shell xx


  1. Such nice gifts and such a cutie sleeping there in the bottom photo ;-) Hugs xx

  2. What lovely gifts! :) You sound so well x


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