Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carry that weight...

Is it any wonder I've been quiet in these parts of late?

I've had much to carry around with me.  

And patience too, can be exhausting.

I misdiagnosed my due date - you'd think I'd know what I was doing by baby number five - but I have never been so huge before in the ole' belly - and I suppose I've never had my fifth baby before, and every pregnancy is different...

So, determined to remain the organic, home birth, hippie kind of unconventional woman I am - I wait on.

Because it's not about my discomfort, or my impatience, but the importance is my baby, and his or her, good health.  So I am comforted and resigned to the certainty, that birth day, is an uncertain thing - which will arrive when it is ready, when baby and Lord will it to be.

Be assured I am so very well! And while I cannot reach the piano keys quite so well as normal, I am still making music with all my heart and soul.

Just checking in - and loving you from where I'm (uncomfortably) sitting - hoping you're oh so well and safe, and happy, and loved, and prospering!

And I am looking forward to the blog post when I can tell you all about this new babe of mine.  I cannot wait for you to meet them.

Shell xx


  1. Oh my goodness Shell!
    No wonder you are so uncomfortable you poor thing!
    Glad that you are well, happy and making music. I would expect nothing different from such a calm, patient and loving Mummy as yourself.
    Look forward to meeting your gorgeous new bub and hope that their arrival day isn't too much longer :D

  2. Such a beautiful bump! And Shell, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful message you left on my Birth Story. Your comments always put a huge smile on my face :)

    So looking forward to hearing of the safe arrival of your little one! Thinking of you xx

  3. Omg! You look amazingly beautiful. My thoughts are with you and hope you get to meet your baby soon!

    kathleen xx

  4. Oh Shell, I'm so much wanting you to have your little one and be comfortable but I understand everything you are saying. I pray for God to make you as comfortable as possible and that he will undertake in every aspect of your delivery to keep you and your baby healthy, happy and strong. I look forward to when you can show your baby to us. God bless you friend, xx. By the way you look so greaT!

  5. O my gosh...
    I am thinking of you and wishing #5, 4, 3, 2, 1, You and Yours the best...
    Be well dear Shell.

  6. I'm so glad you are well! I've been wondering about you. You look absolutely gorgeous!


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